GPS Data Loggers

860 Lite

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The 860Lite is a keychain GPS which features an all-in-one, cost-effective portable GPS logging solution. As a GPS Receiver, it’s easy to add to your key ring and you can use it for navigation with your PDA/Smartphone. With its on-board memory, it allows you to log your routes. Through user-friendly Mileage Logger software, you can manage your trip expenses and mileage reimbursements more easily than before. This keychain GPS is small and robust, ideal to carry everywhere for applications such as navigation, route tracking, business trip recording or fleet management.


  • Dual mode : Data record / Navigation
  • Slide-to-push button for POI recording
  • Smart log of time, distance and speed
  • Up to 12hrs operation time
  • Log up to 125,000 waypoints
  • High receiving sensitivity
  • AGPS available
  • Vibration sensor for power saving
  • Fuzzy auto on/off
  • Mileage Logger s/w to manage trip expenses


  • Record your travels
  • Manage trip expenses
  • Navigation with PDA/Smartphone
  • Represent one's driving behavior
  • Point of Interest recording
  • Geo-photo support
  • Show tracks on Google Map & Earth