GPS Data Loggers

i-Blue 747

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The i-Blue 747 Bluetooth GPS logger is an all-in-one, cost-effective portable GPS logging solution. Its large on-board memory allows you to log your route by setting intervals of time, distance, and speed. Point of interest can also be recorded by the push of a button. With the user-friendly utility tool, you can track your route on Google Earth. This data logger is small and robust, ideal to carry everywhere for applications such as vehicle and property tracking.


  • With 32Mb memory for 150,000 way points record.
  • Dual mode for both Data record and Navigation.
  • Push button to record data manually.
  • User can record the data by setting the interval of time, distance and speed.
  • Recorded data can be played as track on Google Maps.


  • Record your travels
  • Manage business trip expenses
  • Raise fleet efficiency, reduce time spent at unauthorized locations
  • Keep an eye on valuable merchandise
  • Monitor driving behavior
  • Record Point of Interest by a push button