Bluetooth GPS Receiver

i-Blue 820

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At just 10mm thick, the i-Blue 820 Bluetooth GPS receiver is one of the world's thinnest models. Equipped with a 51-channel MTK chipset, it provides ultra-high sensitivity -158dBm tracking and -144dBm signal acquisition. By coupling smart power-saving options with fuzzy auto on/off, it's also the most power-efficient receiver available. Ultra-thin, highly sensitive and super-efficient, this device enjoys wide consumer appeal.


  • 51 channels Bluetooth GPS
  • Ultra high sensitivity up to -158 dBm (Tracking)
  • Smart Power Save Mechanism
  • Fuzzy Auto On/Off
  • Ultra slim dimensions


  • Automotive
  • Fleet management / Asset tracking
  • Personal / portable Navigation (PDA, Smart phone)
  • Location Based Services
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Geographical Surveys