GPS Data Loggers

TripMate 852

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TripMate 852 features all-in-one, cost-effective portable GPS logger solution. When you travel in different countries, it allows you to record your routes by ways of time/ distance/ speed. TripMate 852 includes LED indicators for real time status display. Through user friendly utility software, it can combine your pictures and record routes showing on the map. This recorder is small and robust, ideal to carry everywhere for applications such as route tracking, mountain climbing or fleet management.


  • MTK 3329 chip with 66 channel capability
  • Smart log function
  • Receiver & data logger dual function design
  • Smart power saving with sensor
  • Micro SD card for POI storage
  • Supports AGPS
  • Powered by AAA battery*2


  • Record your travels and show on Google Earth
  • Show your photos on Google Map
  • Support photo Geo Tagging